The city of Uzès, located in the Department of Gard in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, is located in a region rich in vineyards still known as "French Tuscany".

Known as a historic city, Uzès has kept many vestiges of its past. The old town is perfect for walking in its small streets lined with mansions dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. Apart from their magnificent facades, these small paved pedestrian paths will bring you to mythical places like the herb square. This beautiful place is the place where a popular market is held every week where you will find all the specialties of the terroir.

The city was in the 17th century the first Duchy of France, so it kept a magnificent set of three feudal towers to visit absolutely. The most typical monument of the city is undoubtedly the tower Fenestrelle dating from the 12th century, the steeple of the Church of Saint-Théodorit of Uzès. But we can also count in the heritage of the city the church Saint Etienne, realized in 1767, which is a building of late Baroque style showing a plane in Greek cross and with a beautiful rounded façade.

You will also admire the Capuchin chapel, carried out around 1635 on the site of a Roman temple in honor of Augustus who received the tombs of the Dukes of Uzès until 1789. Do not forget to visit the fountain of the Eure built in the first century and which was used for the supply of the city of Nîmes by water via an aqueduct with a length of approximately 50 km. Visiting Uzès is synonymous with displacement and discovery and our guests do not run out of praise on this charming city after having visited it. We are in fact located a few cables from Uzès. It is reached by a winding road bordered by this typical vegetation of Provence. If you are looking for a The Hotel Having swimming pools and built in accordance with the Provencal architectural traditions, you have found it! Welcome to l’Enclos des Lauriers Roses.