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The Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard is an architectural marvel spanning three levels, located in the Gard department, a few hours drive from the towns of Remoulins, Nîmes and Uzès. This exceptional work was a part of a Roman aqueduct mainly designed for the transport of water in Nîmes, crossing the roach.

The great fame enjoyed by this monument is largely due to its two thousand years of history and its imposing architecture. Built from limestone in the first century BCE, it has resisted for centuries to time, successive wars, industrial revolution and ecological problems and is still in good condition today. Its conception was such a success that the Pont du Gard had only one major change after more than 2000 years of existence. Indeed, the bridge is famous for its legendary solidity because during the large floods in 1958, the waters ascended to the level of the second floor, despite that the bridge resisted perfectly, while most of the other bridges, like that of Remills, were Destroyed.

It is a magnificent building that is part of the World Heritage of Humanity. It is one of the most famous monuments in France, it has welcomed more than a million visits in 2010, it is the place to visit absolutely if you plan to visit the region! Take advantage of it, our hotel is only a few tens of minutes away by car and it is often listed as "Hotel Pont du Gard" in some guides.